NES Godzilla Creepypasta

Godzilla: Replay

The sequel is officially started now.

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  1. n says:

    hey dude, i hope u read these comments — one of the images in the story is broken now, the one that goes with “I was interrupted by a screen:”

    • Cosbydaf says:

      That one seems to be working.

      • Ryan Ferneau says:

        Nope, motheri.png is broken for me too.

      • Fan of the Best Creepypasta Evaaar says:

        Hey…im hoping you read this…i mean you are the Guy who made the BEST and maybe biggest Creepypasta evar and it s about 2 years old…I wanted to recreate some NPC/Monesters what ever with the game Spore….where can i post them (Sorry for Grammer fails etc)

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi there, I loved your creepy pasta nes godzilla the first one, and the replay.

    I would like to ask permission about your replay book. Cause I got some Cool ideas to help you on this one! Please respond back, I’ll try to give you some suggestion

    your truly Kevin :3

  3. Fan of the Best Creepypasta Evaaar says:

    I have ImageShack now…. i will uplode SPORE CREATURES…..I know NOBODY will read this….but……HAVE FUN


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